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The LawBasket Pro Bono Program

At LawBasket, we understand that there are many sections of society requiring legal services, but who are unable meet the costs associated with obtaining a lawyer. At LawBasket, we are committed to ensuring that we meet the needs of those sections of the community through the LawBasket platform. There are many lawyers on LawBasket who share this commitment, and we offer lawyers the opportunity to provide pro bono legal services to individuals and communities through LawBasket.

Transparency & Means Test

To ensure that our Pro Bono service benefits the most pressed and deserving individuals or communities, we take a transparent approach to this process. First, we expect all stakeholders to understand that we perform an indigence and means test for all persons who apply or whom we on our own volition select to benefit from the pro bono service. For this purpose, we may request additional information to ensure that the most pressed and most in need get the legal help they deserve.

Pro Bono Ratings and Free Premium Membership for Lawyers

For those lawyers who provide pro bono hours, we offer a separate and publicly viewable rating that might result in such lawyers coming out in more searches within the LawBasket platform. In instances, we also offer free premium membership on LawBasket to lawyers who offer a minimum of three hours a month in pro bono legal services.

Apply now to get a lawyer pro bono

If you are unable to pay for a lawyer and you would like to get legal services under the LawBasket Pro Bono Program, please apply by clicking here.
Please note that we take a minimum of 5 working days to respond, due to the high number of applications we receive. Please also specify if you are applying for yourself or for another person.

Attend our LawBasket “Find Your Harvey” Law Clinics

If you are unable to get legal services through the Pro Bono Program, you can look out for our “Find Your Harvey” Law Clinics where we visit startup hubs, non-profit orgnaisations and various community based institutions and bring lawyers on LawBasket to offer free and practical legal advice. The information is posted onto our social media pages accessible by clicking the links in the footer.

Visit the LawBasket Knowledge Central

You may also access content generated by lawyers on various topics by clicking here.